Shutters in all
shapes & sizes

Our interior wooden shutters are constructed from high-quality woods and man-made materials which are painted or stained to order.

Louvered shutters have louvres or slats, controlled by a vertical tilt bar or rod to adjust their position and keep them in a uniform position. This is used to control the amount of light let into a room as well as visibility and (if the window is open) airflow.

Shutters with these operable slats are often described as either traditional shutters or plantation shutters. Plantation shutters, which re-kindle the colonial style of warmer climes such as Florida, South Africa and India normally have only two shutters per window and wide louvre slats.

Our wooden shutters can be designed as a full height shutter that has one shutter top to bottom of a window opening as well as tier-on-tier style. Tier-on-tier shutters feature separate shutters on each tier which allows the top level to be opened independently from the bottom level. Café-type shutters refer to wooden shutters that only cover the lower part of a window space.

Full height shutters can be made with a horizontal divider rail which separates the upper and lower portions of the shutter. With operable louvered shutters, this gives greater control as the slats above the divider rail can be operated independently from the slats below.

Full height shutters

For optimal privacy and style, our popular full height shutters cover the entire window. The shutters are hinged on the sides and work as two separate panels, both of which can be individually opened and closed.

Depending on your individual requirements, full height shutters are commonly installed with a mid-rail running down the centre of each panel. This not only reinforces the panels, but also makes it easier to control and tilt the shutters.

Cafe style shutters

Most popular on ground level windows, cafe style shutters cover only the bottom half of the window, providing privacy without sacrificing any light. This style of shutters is typically used on tall windows that span the majority of the wall’s length.

The classic design of our cafe style shutters follows the existing lines of your window. This style of shutter is often dressed with curtains or roman blinds to provide complete privacy in the evenings and to add a soft touch to the room.

Tier on tier shutters

Tier on tier shutters offer full length coverage fo the entire window, but the top and bottom halves move independently of each other. This means you can open the top tier whilst keeping the bottom closed for privacy, or you can open the bottom half to access the window.

This style is popular in bedrooms where all light can be blocked out, as well as ground floor bay and sash windows for complete privacy. Our tier on tier shutters are available in a range of materials and finishes.

Tracked shutters

Are you ever faced with the problem of dressing a patio door, or perhaps a large window where regular wooden shutters simply won’t do the job? Well, the elegant and practical solution is tracked shutters. A typical tracked shutter system uses full-height panels fitted to a made-for-purpose track instead of your window or doorway, with your tracked shutter opening and closing in a concertina-like manner.

Tracked shutters come in a range of practical designs in natural wood or painted styles, all with hinged runners making them extremely stable, sturdy and allowing easy opening.

Special shaped shutters

Special shaped shutters are exactly that – shutters designed to fit a special or unusual shaped space in your home. Made in the same way as our conventional wooden shutters, these shutters really do add a bespoke and one-off design style to your home.

Our skilled surveyors will take exact measurements and discuss various options with you as well as making sensible suggestions as to what can be achieved. There’s hardly a shape our shutters can’t fill!